The process of obtaining bail

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If a person is arrested for a DUI in Oklahoma, they’ll likely be taken to a local jail. That person might be able to secure freedom by paying a fee. The amount of the fee will either be determined by a set schedule or other factors a judge deems relevant. For instance, the amount charged could be influenced by the alleged offender’s criminal history or the likelihood that they will show up to future court dates.

The seriousness of the crime could also play a role in how much a person owes. An individual who causes bodily injury or property damage might pay more than someone who was stopped on a highway only slightly over the legal limit. In some cases, defendants are allowed to be released on their own recognizance.

In such a scenario, the defendant agrees to appear at all future court hearings, and failing to do so will likely result in that person being taken into custody and held without bail. Many of the same factors used to determine bail will be used to determine if a person should be released without having to pay anything at all.

Someone who is charged with DUI may lose their license and spend time in jail. An attorney might be able to convince a judge to allow a defendant to be released in a timely manner on bail or by posting bond. Legal counsel could also dispute evidence used to charge an individual in an effort to get a DUI charge dropped or reduced. This may allow a defendant to avoid some or all penalties related to the charge.