What To Know About Domestic Assault Charges And Protective Orders

Domestic violence can be a complex and difficult issue. It involves significant conflict between individuals who would normally be especially close to one another. Yet the details of a given conflict can be very different than what they appear to be from an outsider’s perspective.

If you’ve been accused of domestic assault against a family member, intimate partner or household member, it is critical to seek the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will protect your rights and fight to tell your side of the story. In Norman and surrounding areas, the firm to call is B. Hall Law.

What’s At Stake When Accused Of Domestic Violence

Whether you were accused by a loved one or a neighbor who heard yelling, the situation can escalate quickly once police get involved. Police officers can and will make an arrest if they see any physical evidence of domestic assault — even if the alleged victim refuses to cooperate.

Following an arrest (and sometimes without being arrested), a protective order may be filed against you. These are also known as victim protection orders or restraining orders. Your rights and freedom will likely be significantly limited by this order, including:

  • Your right to possess a firearm (guns are usually seized as part of the order)
  • Your ability to contact or speak to the alleged victim
  • Your right to see and speak to your children
  • Your ability to live in your own home
  • Incurring fines, jail time and other consequences if you violate the order

We Can Help You Maintain Compliance With A Protective Order

Being the subject of a protective order is difficult in and of itself. But if you violate the order — accidentally or otherwise — your troubles could get a lot worse. Failure to comply with a protective order is a separate crime on top of any other criminal charges you may be facing.
The whole situation can quickly become a downward spiral.

It is critical to understand the requirements of the order and to follow them carefully. When you hire our firm for your criminal defense needs, we can also answer questions you may have about the order and advise you on how to comply with it.

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