Defending Your Freedom After An Alleged Probation Violation

Being on probation often feels like a significant burden — until you remember what the alternative is. Although the conditions of probation are strict, they allow you to stay out of jail and lead a relatively normal life.

Unfortunately, probation violations are relatively easy to commit and difficult to defend against on your own. That’s why, if you have been accused of a probation violation, it is critical to seek the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney like Brian D. Hall.

The State’s Burden Of Proof Is Low

Many people go into probation violation hearings believing that they can just refute the probation officer’s assertions. This strategy is almost always a mistake. In cases where it is your word against that of the PO, the PO’s version of events is likely to be more convincing to a judge.

In a criminal trial, the state must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. But for alleged probation violations, the standard of proof is much lower. If the probation officer has any evidence that you violated parole, you could be headed straight to jail from court.

Good Representation Is Critical

Don’t go into your hearing alone and unprepared. When you contact B. Hall Law, we will ensure that you have an experienced advocate to represent you against allegations that you violated your probation. Brian Hall is a former prosecutor with an intimate knowledge of the criminal justice system. He is ready to help defend your rights and your freedom.

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