Juvenile delinquency: 10-year-old charged in low-speed car chase

On Behalf of | May 1, 2019 | Firm News, Juvenile Delinquency |

Police in Oklahoma recently arrested a child they say led them on a car chase. The young boy was arrested and transported to a juvenile facility, and is now charged with misdemeanor charges for trying to avoid the police and traffic violations. Dealing with matters involving juvenile delinquency can be sensitive in nature, particularly in regard to especially young children who still have their whole lives ahead of them.

According to officers, early in the day a 10-year-old boy had become angry with his aunt and locked himself in her vehicle. As the aunt was trying to persuade the young boy to exit the vehicle, he reportedly drove off. His aunt then contacted police to let them know that her vehicle had been taken by the child.

Police located the boy driving the car a short while later, but he apparently would not stop for authorities. He led them on a brief chase which stayed at low speeds. Police ultimately used stop sticks in order to slow the car down. He ultimately came to a stop because of flat tires. Authorities also say that the boy would not turn off or exit the vehicle after he had stopped, so they broke a window in order to remove him.

The aunt said she will not press any charges against her nephew for stealing her vehicle, but Oklahoma police are still pursuing charges. This type of juvenile delinquency offense can alter the path of a young child’s life, so it is best to not leave up to chance. Parents and their children who are unsure of where to start when dealing with such matters are usually well advised to begin with a thorough review of the charges, evidence and any other related information.